Saturday, June 20, 2015

JAWS 40th anniversary!

I suppose like every other movie geek on this planet, I'm just as guilty as the rest of them of being even more of a geek when it comes to film anniversaries. Today marks the exact date (June 20, 1975) when Steven Spielberg's great fin first broke through the water and thrust itself upon the entire world, not only changing the way summer movies would play out and market themselves forever, but making some of us think twice before we ever went in the water again (not me, thankfully!). So, like everybody else, I'll watch the film (again!) in honor of this great birthday and perhaps some of us will even be lucky enough to attend a special theatrical screening or two (lucky YOU, Richard K. and Steven A.!). However, to perhaps distinguish myself from the rest, which I often try to do, I have written, especially for this "biting" occasion (did I really just say "biting"??), an original poem, or ode, if you will, to honor this landmark blockbuster film and it's place in cinematic history. Yes, people, an original JAWS poem by yours truly, Eric F., and it goes something like this...

Look to the Summer of 1975
All of the ocean will come alive
Look to the water for the great white fin
And you’ll know what sort of trouble you’re in
Look at the shark’s eyes, lifeless and black
Look at the shoreline ahead and know you’ll never get back
Try to swim, try to scream, try to pray
The great beast just won’t go away
Close your eyes and hold your breath
And await the mighty jaws of death
But when you do open your eyes, that’s when you’ll know
It was all on the movie screen, just for show
So thank you Steven and Peter for forty years of great fun
‘Cause when it comes to summer blockbusters, JAWS is still the best one!

Okay, perhaps I won't go down in poetic history for this one, but hey, I don't mind giving myself a small pat on the shoulder either! And for those who may have forgotten, here's my original post for JAWS written a couple of years ago...

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