Tuesday, November 6, 2012


(October 2011, U.S.)

During the course of the last two films I posted, I AM LEGEND and IDENTITY, there was strong evidence of irony, timing and coincidence involved. Well, pay attention, people, because on this, our Presidential election day, I'm here to discuss George Clooney's THE IDES OF MARCH. Is it all of the above-mentioned factors or am I just that fucking good?? You decide.

George Clooney as Governor Mike Morris is probably the best fictitious political candidate I've seen on film since Robert Redford in THE CANDIDATE (1972). He doesn't really exist, but when you hear him speak on what resembles the real life political issues of our time, you'll swear that you'd vote for him if he really ran for office. Hey, don't forget that Ronald Reagan was an actor once...anything can happen! THE IDES OF MARCH, however, is told more from the point of view of Morris' deputy campaign manager Stephen Meyers (played by the very intense Ryan Gosling). From his perspective, the film is, admitedly, very cliche in its story. We have the young, idealistic campaign manager who truly believes that his candidate walks on water. Of course, as time progresses, he'll find that his beloved Mike Morris is as much of a disappointment as every other bullshit politician out there. He'll also find that his loyalties and his ideals have the potential to go out the window when his job, his career and his future are threatened. And of course, we shouldn't forget the inevitable cliche that all seemingly moral politicians eventually end up fucking their interns. Well, let's be honest...would YOU kick Evan Rachel Wood out of your bed??

While THE IDES OF MARCH is busy being predictable, yet entertaining, there's one particular moment that I take to heart. During a scene in a quit cafe, Marisa Tomei's character of a New York Times reporter tells Stephen that regardless of which presidential candidate wins the election, it will likely not make one bit of difference to the average "fucker" out there who wakes up, goes to work, comes home, goes to sleep and does the same thing all over again the next day. I never thought I'd take anything that Marisa Tomei says to heart like that, but she does, admitedly, make a good point worth considering. It's an opinion, anyway. But the last thing I'm going to do is get into any sort of political discussion on this blog of mine.

So, that being said...WIN, OBAMA, WIN!!!

Favorite line or dialogue:

Governor Mike Morris: "You know how you fight the war on terror? You don't need their product anymore! Their product is oil! Just don't need it and they go away!"

(George Clooney for President!!!)

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